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Meet the College Support Team...


Our Team comprises professionals who possess the experience, skills, and proven results to help your student create a bright future. Our College Support Team works together on each student to help them achieve success. Our services allow families to manage the NEW challenges of College Planning better and provide students with life skills they can use. 

Shelley Honeycutt

Shelley started her career in college admissions in the 1990s. She enjoyed helping people and, at the time, could not imagine doing any other job. Shelley worked for two prominent Universities in Massachusetts, helping students achieve their educational goals, which was incredibly rewarding. She learned a lot about college admissions, financial aid, scholarship policy, and merit aid. MORE

   Cathleen Dionne

Cathleen started her career in higher education in 2001. Since then, she has worked for colleges and universities on the west and east coasts.  She has held positions in Admissions, Financial Aid, Career Services and Education.  She fully understands the 360-degree view of the hard work and perseverance it takes for students to choose a major, apply, start and stay in school and finally land a job in their chosen field.  She provides exceptional support to students in all these areas.

Duffay Cuartas

Duffay Cuartas has been working in the college planning industry for 9 years. Duffay is passionate about learning and helping others achieve their educational goals. She started her career in the Student Lending department with AAA Northeast. Here she refined her skills and learned about college funding strategies including the Federal Lending program and Private loan options available to the students and their families. Being bilingual, Duffay used her language skills to help develop a podcast series in Spanish and helped students of Spanish speaking families.  For the past 5 years, Duffay has been an essential member of College Advisors NE, which has reinforced her passion for helping students and their families by offering holistic college planning services. Duffay holds a bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies and is earning Higher Education Counseling Master's degree at Providence College. She has secured an internship with Bryant University’s Financial Aid office this fall and is a candidate to complete her degree in May of 2019.

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