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Speed Reading Skills

Speed reading is an important skill to master for high school and college. It helps improve standardize testing scores, builds confidence, and allows you to get through content with ease. This short online course is perfect form mastering this skill over winter break, during the summer or anytime you have time to spare. This skill will last a lifetime and will make you a more efficient student. 

SAT, PSAT and SAT Subject Test Prepping

Standardized testing is a big part of the admissions process and can be intimidating. With the right strategy and guidance, you can lessen the typical stress that surrounds these testing activities. Just knowing which test to take and when can give you a distinct advantage. More importantly can be understanding which test will show off your skill set! Most students will test significantly better on one test than the other. Should you take the SAT or ACT? Will you need to take SAT Subject tests? What about the PSAT? 

Colleges accept the SAT or ACT equally for admissions requirements. Understand which test will show off your skills set is up to you. Higher test scores mean getting accepted by more colleges and more merit aid. Know which test is best for you and get your testing strategy together for a successful future.  

STEM Resources

What better way to learn more about STEM subjects, get help with homework, study for an exam or prepare for AP exams than with the experts at MIT. Visit the NEW MIT website for high schoolers and learn more about this great and free resource. 

College Fairs

Free and open to the public, National College Fairs allow students to interact with admissions counselors from a wide range of colleges. 

Summer Activities and more

Learn how spending time outside the classroom can help teens do better in school and during the college admissions process. Discover the best experiential learning opportunities and creative ways to spend your free time.  

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